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A biographical listing of works






The Juliet Effect

Cannon Theatre Festival, outside Boston


The Spin Doctor

Encompass Productions, London


Open Season

Thespian Productions, New York


The Juliet Effect

Oakville Players, Toronto


Fighting Dirty

Genesis Cinema, London


A Personal Lexicon

Cumberland River Review


Dilation of Time

Rue Scribe


Between Fault Lines,

Incineration of Memory,

Your Bell Influence

The Paragon Journal



In the Search for Intelligent Life

Rascal Magazine


Urban Lament

Wilderness House

Literary Review


Elegy for Ancient Architects

Poetry Quarterly


The Competition

Litro NY


Surrounded by Family

FictionWeek Review


At the Organ Traderís Table

Corium Magazine


Rehab Blues

Words with Jam


The Fashion Icon

Apocrypha and Abstractions


Anthem of Angst

The Montreal Review





Working for Mama

Riant Theatre, New York


Working for Mama

Brief Acts, New York


Working for Mama

Black Box Theatre, Los Angeles


Lovers & Thieves

Zenbaby Theatre, New York


Lovers & Thieves

Eyeblink Theatre, New York


Creatures of Pleasure

Mergatroyd Fest, New York


Creatures of Pleasure

Gestation Plays, Toronto


Causing a Scandal

Gorilla Tango Theatre, Chicago



Inspirato Play Festival, Toronto


The Cadaver Would

The Legendary Review


The Squatters

Midwest Literary Magazine

and their Winter Cannons Anthology


The Tilted Axis

Lost in Thought Magazine


When Justice is Blue

Otherwise Caffeinated


Behind the Coast Stand

The Muse Journal


The Donut Shop Disciple

The Muse Journal


The Interview is Over

The Muse Journal






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